National Unified Medical Record (NUMR)

Riayati platform delivers the National Unified Medical Record (NUMR), a digital healthcare platform, which connects more than 2,500 healthcare facilities, including public hospitals, private hospitals, clinics, day care centres, diagnostic centres, and pharmacies. It has been integrated with “Nabidh”, the Dubai Health Authority’s health information exchange, and ICP (Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security).

Riayati is also in the process of integrating with Malaffi, the Abu Dhabi’s Health Information Exchange platform to ensure the completion of a fully integrated, digitized, and centralized National Unified Medical Record for the UAE healthcare ecosystem, thereby transforming the nation’s vision into reality.

The NUMR platform through Riayati helps Healthcare Providers to provide better patient care experience and create a sustainable and efficient health system for the UAE.


Enhanced Patient Experience

When visiting the healthcare provider from any joining facility, patients don't require to carry their previous medical records, as Riayati provides patients' past medical information to their healthcare providers.

Easy Access

Access to holistic view of patient healthcare records which will result in early diagnosis and provide better treatment plan.

Increased Efficiency

Increasing workforce efficiency by reducing unnecessary effort due to repetitive diagnostics and activities when a patient visits different healthcare entities. Attention can be placed on elevating quality of service for patients.

Cost Effective

Creating an efficient and sustainable healthcare system while reducing overall system costs resulting in reduction in readmissions, hospital visits thus creating overall savings to the UAE down to costs of prescription.

Improved Preventative Health

Adding value to preventative measures through better disease surveillance.

High Quality Data

Giving greater focus on data quality through continuous upgrade of systems, standardization, and innovation. This will allow for future implementation of services such as clinical decision support, UAE specific clinical pathways, advanced analytics, and Artificial Intelligence.

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