e-Claims Post Office

The e-Claims Post Office through Riayati provides the data exchange system that facilitates the secure exchange of health insurance claims and related data between Healthcare Providers and Payers operating in the Northern Emirates in UAE.

It focuses on the insurance-based workflows connecting Payers and Providers in the market through a unified platform and utilizing standardized code-sets and transaction schemas. It also enables the exchange of insurance financial transaction requests and responses between Payers and Providers such as eligibility checks, authorizations, claim submissions and electronic prescriptions.

e-Claims Post office offers a unified portal that enables providers to send eligibility and authorization requests, e-prescription orders, claim submissions and view the Payers’ responses. It is also used for user registration and as a gateway to all the e-Claims Post Office applications, documentations, user manuals, standards and code lists, and technical specifications.



Increased Productivity

Expedite the process of authorization and settlement of claims thereby increasing operational efficiencies and creating cost reduction.

Improved Performance

Electronic exchange of insurance requests in real time has reduced paperwork and helped to improve the processes.

Unified Data Environment

Providing a unified and cohesive environment to collect valuable health and financial data to analyze the insurance and clinical data of patients.

Insurance Accountability

Bringing accountability to the insurance agencies and third-party administrators in the Northern Emirates region.



e-Claims Post Office in Numbers



Integrated Insurance Companies
and Third-Party Administrators


Connected Healthcare Providers